Tuesday, December 21, 2010

About Her ♥

baby , if u online . pls inform me .
call my house number .
so that i know that u are on9 .
so that , we can be together .
i know we are so far away togeher .
but , let we stay so far away .
and let we stay so close in our heart .
i know u are the best for me .
and i will be the best for you . :)

Story About Her ♥

she wrote about me again .
that's so sweet of her , ilovehersomuch .
i know she cant online for a long period of time .
but i shall make that short period of time be the best time of her life .
iloveyousomuch . ineedyou .
i know we can be together 4ever .
i want to call her every night ofcourse .
but , we just can talk for a short period off time .
just because of her's family situation .
dont worry baby . i understand of ur situation . :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Si Dia :)

waa , she talked about me in her Blog .
I was in shocked , her word are so sweet .
i love you hunny ,
but , you steal my word from my blog .
u cheater , hahahaha
but i still love you baby
i want u to always on9 at night ,
coz i always on9 and waiting for you to 0n9 .
why are you not on9 today ??
are u sick honey ? :(
IMY !!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Si Dia :)

i was couple with her before ,
i'm the one who leave her ,
just because my selfish feeling ,
i didn't tought about her feeling ,
for awhile now , i realise .
i've lost the only person who is really love me
and not about my money .
i really love you !
no one will know who is she