Friday, July 22, 2011


It's about Nini , onee day , she sent to me on my wall that she said , 'i miss you irfan'
on that time , im in shock (!) why ? b'coz the last time she said to me is , ak da muak tgk muka kau , xabis2 muka kau je timbul ! bia la ak nk sembang ngn LAKI len , sbb ak single , ak bole buat ap sahaja yg aku suka ! .

Nini , if you read this , it mean that you realise how much it hurt when i hear that you say that .
If you realise about it :( i really want to be with you Nini , but , did you even give me the chance ?
i waited for you since i know you in Myspace . you promise me that and this , But , it's ok for me just for awhile .
Since you said all of that Crap , i realise something , even you got the GUT to say that . it means ,
Even we are together , you still got the GUT to say that too ,

Nini , i cant do thing if your attitude cant change , i cant see you soo social with guys ,

, I never good enough for you am i Nini ? that's my question to you ,
After all this times , :( Haih ,

i still love you , and i miss you :(