Saturday, April 23, 2011

Must Read !

Olla dak Uchuk !! bie mintak maaf sgt2 coz bie xdpat nk call balik time tu .
My mum rampas , haih ~
Btw , Thnkz baby coz tulis psl bie kt blog baby ,
mmg sweet sgt2 ~ iloveit :)

WHAT ?! Next week baby g kem ?? Alorh !!!
ni yg xbest ni , time tu la bie baru abis KAT Rugby ( Kejohanan Antara Teknik Rugby )
haih ~ bie baru je ni luang mse ngn baby ,
xpeelaa , ni la ujian Allah , jadi bie redha jee , :)

Baby nk cubit bie ?? NO WAY ?!! Dye kne bie yg cubit dulu , coz muka baby tembab and cute sgt2
hehehe ~ baby xdpat nk cubit bie dulu :) Bweek ~

I hope one day we can finally meet baby , and I cant wait for that DAY !

But you better know that I'm not giving you away
Will I ever stop waiting no way
It'll be the same in my world
I'm your boy You're my Girl

Friday, April 15, 2011


This is my favorite Group Artist :)
Their song album are the Hottest Album in Korea
I've followed their song since the first time i hear their song
It was awesome , i love all their song albuum no matter what song album
I really hope i can meet Hyuna and Jihyun

2PM and SNSD

This is another group artist that i just found
I know u all already know about them
Acctually they combine thier group
2Pm and SNSD
Hear their new song album :)


Finally i'm home from hostel for 2 weeks ,
damn, it's feel like a month !
and imiss MY NINI !!
i always wonder about how her health and how is she doing at school .
and MUCH more . :)
After a Meanwhile , when i arrived home , i quickly searched for my phone ,
b'coz i want to let she know that i have arrived home . :)

I'm sorry to bring you such a bad news to you Hunn . :(
I know that i've promise to meet you when we finish our SPM .
So , i'll try my best to keep my promise ,
dont be mad at me , :( and dont be sad .
im still here Baby :)
and i'll always LOVE YOU !
and want to get serious with our relationship .

Saturday, April 2, 2011

You are special Nini

Who is this ? i dont know whose child is this . Nahh ! just kidding . This is my love one , and i really mean it by ONE . :D her name is Siti Masyitah a.k.a Nini :)

This is another pic that i love , coz , she with her lovely frens . they do look alike . :) anyway , i cant tell which one is my NINI . can u guys help me :D Nahh ! i just joking , i know which one is she , she on the right side . :D that's NINI :D

P.S : sorry Nini coz xpnjg sgt . coz xcukup mse nk wt . kne blik Asrama da :( Tc nini , i always loe you and u always in my heart . please remember that forever :D and ILOVEYOU Nini :D