Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hari ni Nini ad tulid kt wall dye
'saia nk awk yg dulu,yang memahami saia'
xtaw la tok siapa dye tulis tu kn
tp kalo tok ak , ak mmg memahami dye . sbb tu la ak tunggu dye smpi 2 tahun

ni tok awk nini ,
'Saia nk awk yg dulu,yang penyayang and bg pnuh kasih sayang tok saia'

Friday, July 22, 2011


It's about Nini , onee day , she sent to me on my wall that she said , 'i miss you irfan'
on that time , im in shock (!) why ? b'coz the last time she said to me is , ak da muak tgk muka kau , xabis2 muka kau je timbul ! bia la ak nk sembang ngn LAKI len , sbb ak single , ak bole buat ap sahaja yg aku suka ! .

Nini , if you read this , it mean that you realise how much it hurt when i hear that you say that .
If you realise about it :( i really want to be with you Nini , but , did you even give me the chance ?
i waited for you since i know you in Myspace . you promise me that and this , But , it's ok for me just for awhile .
Since you said all of that Crap , i realise something , even you got the GUT to say that . it means ,
Even we are together , you still got the GUT to say that too ,

Nini , i cant do thing if your attitude cant change , i cant see you soo social with guys ,

, I never good enough for you am i Nini ? that's my question to you ,
After all this times , :( Haih ,

i still love you , and i miss you :(

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Haih ~

you guys , i need to be honest , I cant stop thinking of Nini ,
i dont know why , recently , i check her profile in FB(as always)
i saw that she is in relationship with a guy name Epul ,
hurmm , i think she hate me soo much ,
until she want to release all of her anger ,
it's all my fault actually ,

i really cant stop thinking of Nini ,
i know , she wont even want to talk to me anymore ,
b'coz , she said , 'i da muak tgk muka you jea'
Men , it's really breaking my heart .

Sunday, June 19, 2011

She do

I cant believe she just go like that , she do hate me .

Nini :(

Firstly , i want to say i'm so so sooo sorry Nini ,
i've mess-up BIG time , i know ,
it's my fault , by the word that you say ,
i know , that you want me to go away from your life for good ,
soo , i go , the Good News is , i just gonna break-up with my GF ,
we been fighting , all b'coz she is not happy enough ,
she said much more thing that i dont want to hear , even you dont say it ,
i just want to tell you about that , but ,
the moment i want to tell you about that ,
then you say
'errh takan i nk IM nan muke you jea . naek muak aa i . i single so i bolee IM , wall inbox nan sesape sahaja yg i nak . you ade gf kan so pegilaa nan dea . i nie you abaikan jealaa . ouch yaa nk thu ape perangai yg i tak suke you nie . i tak suke you nie siket siket touching . siket siket buat muke sedeh . naek muak doe . smpai rase daa penat . daalaa bye'

you know what this make me feel ???
it' killing me Nini , im not 'touching' , just think ,
how about me saying that to you ?? what's what make you feel ?
you feel upsad right ??!!
for all the beautiful word that you say about mee ,
then one DAY , you say thing like like UP there ,
But you never realise , how much that i love you ,

All the time that we share our moment together even due that ,
we never meet each other ,
and you promise that you will 'couple' with me one day ,
soo ?? why do you still want with other guy ??
even due that im the guy that you love ,
you pn taw , i xpena mara pompuan , and i tkot ngn pompuan :(

Even that you dont understand , and you still want me to go ,
i'll will go , Trust me , :( just let me know ,
mcm mne i xterasa you kata mcm tu ..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She Dizzy ,

Oh God ! She sick , :( god , please cure her , i dont her to be sick ,
i want her to be happy , and have a healthy life :) (hope i dont have any Grammar error)
I you are getting well , and had you medicine . :)
i know you are sick , but , i hope i got to read more about me in your blog ,
it's weird right , we only express our feeling in our blog ,
we doesn't need to do that if we can meet each other one dayy , :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm Sorry Nini

Nini , where you go ? IMY , i know i've mess-up , and you are upset , i'm sorry .
i know , we cant be together , b'coz you till mad at me , hurmmm :(
i'm so so so soryy , even that you hve cpl alot of guy when you with meee ,
but , i still patient with you , when i cpl with thing girl , you said that you mad at mee ,
but , i just cpl with one gurl , you cpl with alot of guys , what do think of my feeling that moment ?
i patient and let it go , and watch that you enjoying your time with that guy , but , i let you goo ,
i know , with that , you will be happy without me , and beside , he always can meet you , and comfort you all the time , i cant do that ,
You must not forget our promise , ILoveyou you , Hope you can forgive me ,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Her Present ! ^_^

First of all , i want to let you all know , this Bear is Very Very special
WHY ?? it's b'coz , i keep this Bear since i know her , i swear !!
This Bear is very Old , But , i keep good care of it .
Like i keep good care of her :)
This is meant to gift to her ,
But , i dont got the chance yet

I promise her that i show her's present if i meet her this holiday :D
Please pray for us so that one day that we can finally meet :X
i'm positive that she love the bear's colour :)
i choose this colour b'coz i know she will love it .

Nini ! LOOK ! the bear are staring at you !
haha ! that's so sweet .
but i still jealous Nini , WHY ? b'coz the are cuter than me ,

if you can see Nini , the Bear hold a Heart and it's say
this is quite expensive ,
and it's hard to find ,
hehe ~
it's mean , that i really love you ,
and i would do anything just for you :D

Saturday, May 28, 2011

All about Nini

First of all , i want say that , ILOVE this picture ,
Why you ask ? it's b'coz this picture of her are the most Cutiest EVER !
i love her so fucking damn much ! :)

But ! the pic that the most i hate is ,
When she hold other guy arm ,
That's like HELL !
But , after a few weeks ,
My feeling just flew away ,

Then , 1 night , she IM me ,
my heartbeat are going crazy dude ,
mybe , it b'coz imy her so much :(
then , we chat and call like the good old days ,
i really Happy got to be with her again ever she already some else GF ,
it's make me kinda foolish you know , like i'm the REBOUND .

But , WHATEVER . all i want to say is , ILOVEHER ,
and ther's are no fucking HUMAN are gonna change that !
i love you Siti Masyitah

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gone . :(

Well everybody . it's looks like my relationship Siti Masyitah ended like that in ONE DAY .
haih , where's to begin , yaiks .
Ok , i tell you about a few mothns ago , Nini (Siti Masyitah) she just get couple with a guy called , *thinking , sorry , i forgot the guy named , btw . after few weeks later , she broke-up with the guy ,
and start serious with me ,
i tought , it might be our fate to be together , i always get serious with her all the times ,
she promise to me that she wont get a relationship with no other guy buy me ,
But , one day , i just finished with my tournament Rugby (KAT) at Vokasional Ampangan,Negeri Sembilan .
and i get home 2 hours after the tournament . damn , it's so tired .
and then , i immidiately rush to my room and turn on my laptop ,
to see what on the news in FB and Nini's blog ,
suddenly , I was in shocked b'coz she belong to someone recently ,
i read all of it , and i knew , that she have a BF already .

On that moment , i want angry and upset with her doing ,
she PROMISE to me that she wont get a relationship with anyone but ME !
but , one that day , i know , she wont come to me ,
b'coz to her , i'm not important ether special .
to her , thay guy is THE ONE , THE GUY , AND ONLY HIM !
i know i'm doom , there's no way for me to get her back to me ,
it's ok , i wont do so , i know , im not the one for her .
P:S ~ i'm sorry coz im mad of you all the sudden ,
and i'm happy for you two , god bless you both ,
and always keep smiling , and dont get sad ok ,
so , i'll be going , i mean , really , i'm going away .
far away , to Egypt , i'll be staying there and schooling there too ,
i hope you have a great life with him ,
Goodbye Nini , Take Care , and iloveyou , AND forgive me .
if you want to teast me , do it if you want to . it's your choice .
remember this , it's your last word that you ever spoke to me .
' kau ada hak ap hah ?! NI HAK AK , bia la ak nk couple ngn spe2 '
i wont forget what you said about me . it's really break my heart . :(

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Must Read !

Olla dak Uchuk !! bie mintak maaf sgt2 coz bie xdpat nk call balik time tu .
My mum rampas , haih ~
Btw , Thnkz baby coz tulis psl bie kt blog baby ,
mmg sweet sgt2 ~ iloveit :)

WHAT ?! Next week baby g kem ?? Alorh !!!
ni yg xbest ni , time tu la bie baru abis KAT Rugby ( Kejohanan Antara Teknik Rugby )
haih ~ bie baru je ni luang mse ngn baby ,
xpeelaa , ni la ujian Allah , jadi bie redha jee , :)

Baby nk cubit bie ?? NO WAY ?!! Dye kne bie yg cubit dulu , coz muka baby tembab and cute sgt2
hehehe ~ baby xdpat nk cubit bie dulu :) Bweek ~

I hope one day we can finally meet baby , and I cant wait for that DAY !

But you better know that I'm not giving you away
Will I ever stop waiting no way
It'll be the same in my world
I'm your boy You're my Girl

Friday, April 15, 2011


This is my favorite Group Artist :)
Their song album are the Hottest Album in Korea
I've followed their song since the first time i hear their song
It was awesome , i love all their song albuum no matter what song album
I really hope i can meet Hyuna and Jihyun

2PM and SNSD

This is another group artist that i just found
I know u all already know about them
Acctually they combine thier group
2Pm and SNSD
Hear their new song album :)


Finally i'm home from hostel for 2 weeks ,
damn, it's feel like a month !
and imiss MY NINI !!
i always wonder about how her health and how is she doing at school .
and MUCH more . :)
After a Meanwhile , when i arrived home , i quickly searched for my phone ,
b'coz i want to let she know that i have arrived home . :)

I'm sorry to bring you such a bad news to you Hunn . :(
I know that i've promise to meet you when we finish our SPM .
So , i'll try my best to keep my promise ,
dont be mad at me , :( and dont be sad .
im still here Baby :)
and i'll always LOVE YOU !
and want to get serious with our relationship .

Saturday, April 2, 2011

You are special Nini

Who is this ? i dont know whose child is this . Nahh ! just kidding . This is my love one , and i really mean it by ONE . :D her name is Siti Masyitah a.k.a Nini :)

This is another pic that i love , coz , she with her lovely frens . they do look alike . :) anyway , i cant tell which one is my NINI . can u guys help me :D Nahh ! i just joking , i know which one is she , she on the right side . :D that's NINI :D

P.S : sorry Nini coz xpnjg sgt . coz xcukup mse nk wt . kne blik Asrama da :( Tc nini , i always loe you and u always in my heart . please remember that forever :D and ILOVEYOU Nini :D