Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm Sorry Nini

Nini , where you go ? IMY , i know i've mess-up , and you are upset , i'm sorry .
i know , we cant be together , b'coz you till mad at me , hurmmm :(
i'm so so so soryy , even that you hve cpl alot of guy when you with meee ,
but , i still patient with you , when i cpl with thing girl , you said that you mad at mee ,
but , i just cpl with one gurl , you cpl with alot of guys , what do think of my feeling that moment ?
i patient and let it go , and watch that you enjoying your time with that guy , but , i let you goo ,
i know , with that , you will be happy without me , and beside , he always can meet you , and comfort you all the time , i cant do that ,
You must not forget our promise , ILoveyou you , Hope you can forgive me ,

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