Saturday, May 28, 2011

All about Nini

First of all , i want say that , ILOVE this picture ,
Why you ask ? it's b'coz this picture of her are the most Cutiest EVER !
i love her so fucking damn much ! :)

But ! the pic that the most i hate is ,
When she hold other guy arm ,
That's like HELL !
But , after a few weeks ,
My feeling just flew away ,

Then , 1 night , she IM me ,
my heartbeat are going crazy dude ,
mybe , it b'coz imy her so much :(
then , we chat and call like the good old days ,
i really Happy got to be with her again ever she already some else GF ,
it's make me kinda foolish you know , like i'm the REBOUND .

But , WHATEVER . all i want to say is , ILOVEHER ,
and ther's are no fucking HUMAN are gonna change that !
i love you Siti Masyitah