Sunday, May 29, 2011

Her Present ! ^_^

First of all , i want to let you all know , this Bear is Very Very special
WHY ?? it's b'coz , i keep this Bear since i know her , i swear !!
This Bear is very Old , But , i keep good care of it .
Like i keep good care of her :)
This is meant to gift to her ,
But , i dont got the chance yet

I promise her that i show her's present if i meet her this holiday :D
Please pray for us so that one day that we can finally meet :X
i'm positive that she love the bear's colour :)
i choose this colour b'coz i know she will love it .

Nini ! LOOK ! the bear are staring at you !
haha ! that's so sweet .
but i still jealous Nini , WHY ? b'coz the are cuter than me ,

if you can see Nini , the Bear hold a Heart and it's say
this is quite expensive ,
and it's hard to find ,
hehe ~
it's mean , that i really love you ,
and i would do anything just for you :D