Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gone . :(

Well everybody . it's looks like my relationship Siti Masyitah ended like that in ONE DAY .
haih , where's to begin , yaiks .
Ok , i tell you about a few mothns ago , Nini (Siti Masyitah) she just get couple with a guy called , *thinking , sorry , i forgot the guy named , btw . after few weeks later , she broke-up with the guy ,
and start serious with me ,
i tought , it might be our fate to be together , i always get serious with her all the times ,
she promise to me that she wont get a relationship with no other guy buy me ,
But , one day , i just finished with my tournament Rugby (KAT) at Vokasional Ampangan,Negeri Sembilan .
and i get home 2 hours after the tournament . damn , it's so tired .
and then , i immidiately rush to my room and turn on my laptop ,
to see what on the news in FB and Nini's blog ,
suddenly , I was in shocked b'coz she belong to someone recently ,
i read all of it , and i knew , that she have a BF already .

On that moment , i want angry and upset with her doing ,
she PROMISE to me that she wont get a relationship with anyone but ME !
but , one that day , i know , she wont come to me ,
b'coz to her , i'm not important ether special .
to her , thay guy is THE ONE , THE GUY , AND ONLY HIM !
i know i'm doom , there's no way for me to get her back to me ,
it's ok , i wont do so , i know , im not the one for her .
P:S ~ i'm sorry coz im mad of you all the sudden ,
and i'm happy for you two , god bless you both ,
and always keep smiling , and dont get sad ok ,
so , i'll be going , i mean , really , i'm going away .
far away , to Egypt , i'll be staying there and schooling there too ,
i hope you have a great life with him ,
Goodbye Nini , Take Care , and iloveyou , AND forgive me .
if you want to teast me , do it if you want to . it's your choice .
remember this , it's your last word that you ever spoke to me .
' kau ada hak ap hah ?! NI HAK AK , bia la ak nk couple ngn spe2 '
i wont forget what you said about me . it's really break my heart . :(