Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nini :(

Firstly , i want to say i'm so so sooo sorry Nini ,
i've mess-up BIG time , i know ,
it's my fault , by the word that you say ,
i know , that you want me to go away from your life for good ,
soo , i go , the Good News is , i just gonna break-up with my GF ,
we been fighting , all b'coz she is not happy enough ,
she said much more thing that i dont want to hear , even you dont say it ,
i just want to tell you about that , but ,
the moment i want to tell you about that ,
then you say
'errh takan i nk IM nan muke you jea . naek muak aa i . i single so i bolee IM , wall inbox nan sesape sahaja yg i nak . you ade gf kan so pegilaa nan dea . i nie you abaikan jealaa . ouch yaa nk thu ape perangai yg i tak suke you nie . i tak suke you nie siket siket touching . siket siket buat muke sedeh . naek muak doe . smpai rase daa penat . daalaa bye'

you know what this make me feel ???
it' killing me Nini , im not 'touching' , just think ,
how about me saying that to you ?? what's what make you feel ?
you feel upsad right ??!!
for all the beautiful word that you say about mee ,
then one DAY , you say thing like like UP there ,
But you never realise , how much that i love you ,

All the time that we share our moment together even due that ,
we never meet each other ,
and you promise that you will 'couple' with me one day ,
soo ?? why do you still want with other guy ??
even due that im the guy that you love ,
you pn taw , i xpena mara pompuan , and i tkot ngn pompuan :(

Even that you dont understand , and you still want me to go ,
i'll will go , Trust me , :( just let me know ,
mcm mne i xterasa you kata mcm tu ..

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